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  CQB Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pum

  CQB Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pump is a magnetic driven single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, a new type magnetic driven chemical process pump, designed to ISO2858 standard. This product is designed to convey inflammable and explosive, toxic, harmful and rare valuable fluids in the petrochemical process. It has the distinctive features of full-enclosure, leakage free, contamination free, low vibration and noise, an ideal environmental-friendly product in petrochemical, fine chemical, metallurgical, power, paper-making, pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries.

  This product is suitable for conveying inflammable and explosive, toxic, harmful and valuable media containing no solid particles and in other applications requiring no leakage, and no contamination of sealing materials by media.

  Unless ferrous magnetic particles can be effectively removed, conveying liquid containing ferrous magnetic material with this product should be avoided.

 结构说明  Description of structure

  1. This pump is of horizontal single stage and single suction type with radial split, axial suction and radial discharge. It is fully enclosed and leakage free.

  2.It is based on ISO2858 standard, and can be conveniently used in place of type IH, ZA and CZ chemical process pumps.

  3.The driving parts are cooled and lubricated by process liquid, without additional piping system.

  4.In the whole pump, only 1~2 sealing rings are used, ensuring operation safety.

  5.Optimized rigid shaft structure design with better deflection index has further reduced the vibration of the pump.

  6.The axial load on the pump is mainly balanced hydraulically by the back blades or balance holes on the impeller, and the residual axial force is on the thrust bearing.

  7. Ceramic bearings of big thickness, heavy duty and high thrust are used, and they are made with high purity and high wear resisting carborundum material, with a long service life.

  8.Both internal and external magnetic rotors are in fully enclosed structure, to prevent corrosion of magnetic mass and attenuation of magnetic property with the pump in corrosive environments.

  9.Pump body is available in two types: foot support and center support, for use with media of different temperature; the basic model is provided with foot support and low and high temperature types with center support.

  10.New type inducer technology is adopted, to further reduce the necessary NPSH of the pump.

  11.The heat produced by eddy current and friction in the pump is carried away with a number of circulation forms, to allow conveying different media. Typical circulation systems include:

  a. Internal circulation. Self-circulation is formed by the liquid differential pressure within the pump.

  b. External circulation. When self-lubrication and cooling with pumped media is not suitable, external liquid can be connected, provided that the incoming liquid pressure must be 0.07~0.1MPa above the pressure within the pump cavity.

  12.Normally additional cooling circulation system is not required.

  13. Cooling or insulation jacket can be provided when required in conditions such as crystallization and gasification.

  14. Either direct driving by motor or via coupling can be used.

  15.The pump rotates in a clockwise direction when viewed from the driving end.

  16. A number of options for flanges to standards ANSI, HG/T20615 and HG/T20592.

  17. It can be provided with general-purpose Y series motor, YB series explosion-proof motor, DC motor and permanent magnetic motor.

  性能范围  Scope of performance

  流量  Flow           0.8~1000m3/h
  扬程  Head               3.2~125m
  介质温度  Temperature   -45℃~+450℃  
  进口直径  Inlet dia.               20~300mm
  最大工作压力 Maximum operating pressure 2.5MPa 

型号意义  Type denotation

泵常用材料  Common pump materials

标准性能表  Standard performance parameters

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