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  MFYMagnetic Driven Submerged Liquid Chlorine Pump

  MFY is a submerged magnetic driven barrel pump, extensively used in pressurizing, conveying, packaging and disposing of liquid chlorine in chlor-alkali industry. Double-layer spacer sleeve protection is adopted, without the need of nitrogen isolation and sealing, no nitrogen and chlorine loss, and it produces no mixed tail gas; automatic vent can be realized within the pump, avoiding the safety hidden perils in the production with ordinary submerged pump for liquid chlorine, and fully meeting the needs in continuous conveying and filling of liquid chlorine under high pressure.

  性能范围      Main specifications
  流量  Capacity           5~60m3/h
  扬程  Head               30~150m
  介质温度  Temperature    -45℃~+20℃
  进口直径  Inlet dia.               100~250mm
  最大工作压力 The max working pressure 2.5MPa

型号意义Type denotation 

  结构说明Description of structure

  1.A multi-stage magnetic driven submerged centrifugal pump, with axial suction and radial splitting.

  2.It is in vertical barrel double-volute structure, the inner layer is sectional, and the outer shell withstands the suction pressure, its length and pump insertion depth depend on the NPSH requirement of the unit, it can also be directly mounted on the vessel storing the media, in this case, outer shell is not required, and the vessel can serve as the outer shell of the pump.

  3.Special first-stage impeller design technique and excellent inducing wheel technique, low speed, low NPSH and high resistance to cavitation.

  4.The axial force is automatically balanced with the balance drum technology in hydrodynamics, fully ensuring the normal start and stop of the pump and the service life of sliding bearings.

  5.It is driven via magnetic coupling, static sealing is realized with sealing packs at all points, no need for dry gas as sealing gas, therefore there is no nitrogen or chlorine loss, and it is not necessary to provide pressure relief pump and relief valve, or intermediate nitrogen tank and associated piping, completely avoiding leakage.

  6.Spacer is made of materials with high strength and high impedance, greatly reducing the magnetic vortex in the rotating magnetic field, therefore low magnetic vortex loss, high magnetic driving efficiency and small impact to the temperature rise of media.

  7. Double layer spacer structure is used with dual static sealing, realizing dual protection, and liquid leakage detection instrument is provided, to realize leakage alarm, for increased safety and reliability.

  8. 独特的泵的内部循环系统和泵与储罐之间的气相平衡系统,让整个泵组件在边界条件下都是安全的。
  8. Unique internal circulating system of the pump and the gas-phase balance system between the pump and tank, so that the whole pump is safe under boundary conditions.

  9.Normally it is installed at the lowest position of the system, and when it is necessary to remove liquid chlorine, it can be done conveniently and quickly.

  10. The built-in sliding bearings in the pump are made of high-purity silicon carbide ceramics composite material, featuring high strength, tenacity, wearing resistance and good self-lubrication performance, able to meet the nearly dry operation condition for liquid chlorine in the mixed status of gas and liquid.

泵常用材料Common pump materials 

标准性能表  Spectrum of Model MFY

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