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  FMZ Fluoroplastic Magnetic Driven Self-priming Pump

  Model FMZ fluoroplastic magnetic driven self-priming pump is designed and made to hydraulic principle in conjunction with the process features of non-metal pumps; it is suitable in applications for tanker and vessel loading and unloading and various chemical processes requiring self-priming, mainly used to convey strong acid, strong alkali, toxic, harmful and pure valuable and corrosive chemical media. It can ensure quick priming by automatically venting air in the suction piping and meet the requirement of self-priming and pumping at mobile locations. 

  性能范围        The main specifications   

  流量  Capacity           1.6~100m3/h
  扬程  Head               20~45m
  介质温度  Temperature   -20~150℃
  进口直径  Import diameter  25~100mm
  最大工作压力 The max working pressure 1.6MPa



  This pump mainly consists of the fluid reservoir, volute chamber, reflowing valve, impeller and cover; the fluid reservoir is full of liquid before startup, with the high speed rotation of impeller, and the air and liquid mixture is carried into the volute chamber and pressurized before entering the air and liquid separation chamber, where air flows naturally into pipe and liquid flows back automatically via the reflowing valve, to mix with the air in the reservoir again. This process is repeated until all air in the suction piping is removed.

  This pump is of horizontal external mixing self-priming type, magnetic driven, totally enclosed, and free of leakage.

  The metal pump casing is lined with fluoroplastics; all flow passage parts are made with fluoroplastic alloy, and pump cover and impeller are made by integral pressing of metal wrapped with fluoroplastics.

  The pump shaft is made with high strength pressureless sintered carborundum, and sliding bearings are made with high density carbon type carborundum.

  The whole pump requires only 1~2 sealing rings, ensuring best operation safety.

  Spacers protected by fiber-reinforced hood are used, eliminating eddy current loss and obtaining sufficient strength, with increased pressure bearing capacity of spacer.

  No bottom valve is required, and it can be used in place of submerged pump within the range of suction head. 

  1 泵体pump body  2 叶轮impeller  3 泵轴shaft  4 泵盖pump cover  5 隔离套spacer  6 磁传动部件 magnetic driving part  7滑动轴承组件Sliding bearing components  8 支架support  9 电机Motor




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