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  CAY Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Oil Pump

    CAY magnetic driven centrifugal oil pump is designed to convey media such as petroleum solid particle free and LPG requiring freedom of leakage or no contamination by sealing, especially high temperature, high   pressure, inflammable and explosive or toxic liquid. It is suitable for service in petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industrial systems.

  CAY pump is a leakage free and fully enclosed magnetic pump renovated and designed on the basis of Model AY oil pump, and its structural form, installation dimensions and performance parameter ranges are identical to    those of AY oil pumps. 

  性能范围         The main specifications
  流量  Capacity      2.5~500m3/h
  扬程  Head          38~240m
  温度  Temperature   -45℃~+450℃
  进口直径                 40~250mm
  最大工作压力 The max working pressure 4MPa

  结构说明Description of structure

  1.CAY pump is single/two-stage single suction cantilever centrifugal oil pump, driven by magnetic force, fully enclosed and free of leakage.

  2. The casing is split radially; the pump mounting support surface is on the horizontal plane of the axial line, and both inlet and outlet of the pump face vertically upwards.

  3.The axial force of the pump is balanced by the balance holes on the impellor or symmetric arrangement of impellor, and the residual thrust is taken by the thrust bearing.

  4.The built-in sliding bearings are self-lubricated by process liquid.

  5.The outer surface of external bearings is cast with radiating fins, and it can be cooled by air when the temperature of conveying liquid is below 120℃, by fan when the temperature is between 120~260℃, and should be  cooled with water when the temperature is over 260℃.

  6.Diaphragm extended coupling is used to facilitate maintenance.

  7.The pump rotates in anti-clockwise direction when viewed from the primer side.

  泵常用材料Common pump materials 


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