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  KCB Magnetic Driven Gear Pump

  KCB magnetic driven pump is suitable for conveying fluid containing no solid particle or long fiber, with a viscosity of 5~1500cst in petrochemical, coating, paper-making and resin making processes. It is suitable to convey toxic and harmful, inflammable and explosive, contaminating and volatile media, and heavy oil, machine oil and fuel oil. 

  性能范围         The main specifications
  流量 Flow                1.1~576m3/h
  工作压力 The working pressure 0.33~1.45MPa
  介质温度 Temperature         -30℃~120℃

  型号意义Type denotation 

  结构说明Description of structure

  1.Externally engaged low-pressure gear pump, fully enclosed and leakage free.

  2.It is mainly comprised of body, gear, shaft, magnetic driving parts and relief valve.

  3.All running parts in the pump are self-lubricated by the media conveyed.

  4.Gears are heat treated to have high strength, hardness and wearing resisting performance.

  5.The pump is designed with rational pressure relief circuit, to ensure that there is no problem of "oil trap" during the operation of gears.

  6.Sliding bearings are made with suitable materials, able to withstand the unbalanced radial hydraulic load of gears, with strong resistance to contamination, meeting the requirements of chemical media without lubricating property, and featuring long service life.

  7.It is provided with relief valve overload protection; the full reflow pressure of the relief valve is 1.5 times the rated pump pressure, and can be adjusted according to actual need within the permissible discharge pressure range. When the discharge pressure exceeds the rated pressure of the pump, the relief valve opens automatically to protect the pump and motor from damage due to excessive high pressure.

  8.Pumps in stainless steel structure have no built-in relief valve, so users should set up a bypass reflow circuit between the pump inlet and discharge, and mount a relief valve on it.

  9.The pump rotates in a clockwise direction when viewed from the driving end.

泵常用材料Common pump materials 

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