CW型磁力驱动旋涡泵 CW Magnetic Driven Vortex Pump
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CW magnetic driven vortex pump is the ideal choice for low flow and high head applications, with the features of low flow and high head; it can play a role difficult to be replaced by other pump products in many complicated conditions; it is a unique featured product of our company, making up a blank in the low flow pumps in China.

This type of pump is suitable for conveying inflammable and explosive media that can be easily vaporized, and medium containing 20% gas; the special structure can be used in application with fairly low NPSH.

This type of pump has excellent gas-liquid mixing function and liquid-liquid mixing and agitating function, and can homogeneously mix high molecular compounds with other liquid difficult to mix, solving problems that cannot be solved by mixers.

In petroleum refining, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and complete set power equipment manufacturing sectors, magnetic driven vortex pumps are extensively used in process flows such as liquid conveying, circulation, mini-flow boosting, high pressure flushing and emulsifying, and high pressure atomizing.

结构说明Description of structure











1.A number of structures are available: single-stage vortex pump, multi-stage vortex pump, centrifugal vortex pump and self-suction vortex pump.

2.Compact volume, simple structure, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, and low energy consumption.

3.It is suitable to applications of low flow and high pressure, able to maintain stable performance in the low flow range difficult for centrifugal pump to function, and compared with volumetric pumps such as plunger pump and diaphragm pump, it features no pulsation, small vibration and stable liquid supply performance.

4.With self-balancing impeller, it has no axial load; rational clearance control between the impeller and pump body and cover can ensure long-term stable performance and reliability.    

5.It is suitable to convey liquid free of solid particle, with viscosity not exceeding 37.4cst.

6.It can convey volatile liquid, such as gasoline, alcohol and methanol.

7. CWF non-metallic magnetic drive vortex pump can be used for the transfer of strongly corrosive liquids.

8.It is suitable to conditions of low NPSH, conveying gas-liquid mixture and pressurized mixing, emulsifying and agitating.

9.It can be used as pump for both forward and reverse rotation.

       10.Either direct driving by motor or connection via coupling can be used.

性能范围 The main specifications   

流量  Flow               0.81000m3/h

扬程  Head               3.2125m

介质温度  Temperature   -45℃~+450

进口直径  Import diameter  20300mm

    最大工作压力 The max working pressure 2.5MPa

型号意义 Type denotation 



Note: The model of non-metallic magnetic drive vortex pump is CWF.



CW型谱图 Spectrum of Model CW

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