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·产品有磁力驱动的单级离心泵、多级离心泵、自吸泵、旋涡泵、液下泵、齿轮泵、滑片泵和乳化泵等多种系列。产品性能参数可满足多类工艺过程要求,符合ISO2858 、API610和API685标准。

Making the first magnetic driven pump of China in Lanzhou in 1981.
Magnetic driven pumps already developed and put into service have power up to 280kW, with a flow of 800m3/h, a lift of 600m, and speed of 2900r/min, representing the most advanced level of magnetic driven pumps in China.
The push-and-pull magnetic path design technology winningstateaward for inventions is adopted, increasing the pump suction pressure to 30MPa for normal operation, reaching the international advanced level.
The products have solved the pumping problem of bulk materials in complicated industrial systems, and have been extensively used in oil fields, refineries, petrochemical, chemical products, metallurgical, power, foodstuff, textile, medicine, refrigerating and nuclear industrial sectors.
Products are available in a number of series of magnetic driven single-stage centrifugal pump, multi-stage centrifugal pump, self-priming pump, vortex pump, submerged pump, gear pump, sliding pump and emulsification pump. Product performance parameters can meet requirements in various processes, complying with ISO2858, API610 and API685 standards.
We can provide high quality products and powerful service in comparison with domestic competitors, and we can ensure timely supply of spare parts and good performance to price ratio in comparison with overseas competitors.
A large varieties of horizontal and vertical metal and non-metal pumps for low and high temperature and high pressure applications can be supplied.

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